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More Than Ever Before


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Sing me the River Song

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Poem of the Week

The City

Copyright (c) 1998 Van Wood

And tell me, who decides which of us will walk the sides of mirrored canyons deeply laid between the lofty mountains made?

And who of us will shade the eyes that dart above to see if skies are still a curtain tightly drawn above this path we walk upon?

Upon this trail of colored light… the path, outstretched both day and night, in silent watching holds in store the memories flowing by its door.

I cannot walk this path alone. For though a word unspoken be, the sound of other footsteps call and hasten here to walk with me.

The City, with its heart of sound and sights rewinding all around,

replays the music of the years that every traveler walking here may taste the bitter and the sweet

here on the path where travelers meet.




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